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Online Roulette

As one of the oldest casino games, roulette gives players thrill and excitement while they’re looking at the spinning wheel and waiting for the ball to land. Should it be red or black, lucky 7 or unlucky13, no one can predict and that gives the roulette special adrenalin experience.

Not all fields give you the same winning possibility, and many players before starting to play for real money study some of the most successful roulette winning systems. Depending on the roulette type, there is a lot of useful advices how you can perform the best and to prepare yourself for big wins at online roulette. At this place you will find the best tips for online roulette and will learn how to take an advantage of playing from your home.

Roulette system is a system of betting which is being used to win at roulette. Not all betting systems have the same possibility of wining and that’s why some are more popular than the others. We will name just a few the most popular today in order to circle the whole story about playing roulette.

Many online casinos offer playing roulette without deposit which is a great chance for players to try it without a loss. For free online roulette can be played at many places in order simulate the real situations and to improve player’s skills. Every casino has it’s own promotions and bonuses and therefore we recommend playing roulette at William Hill Casino and 888 Casino.

Casino Games

Online Poker

Poker is a table game where players place their wagers in the middle pot while having closed or partially opened cards. The pot is being won by the player with the highest ranking combination or the players who makes a wager which other opponents are not willing to match. Player is certainly the most popular card game in the world and can be played on tournaments or like ring games.

Tournaments are being organized by the biggest poker rooms and always have several tables. All players get certain number of chips and when
they lose them they’re out of the game. When several players from one table lose, then they are reassembled to the other table to continue
playing. The winner is the player who is remained the last and there’s a ranking list where the prizes are given to the high ranking players.

All poker tournaments can be sorted into following categories:

1. Freeroll tournaments;
2. Regular tournaments;
3. Satelite tournaments;
4. Sit and Go tournaments.

Freroll tournaments are free tournaments and it’s not required to pay any entrance. To participate. Fund awards pay organizer of the freerolls.

Regular tournaments are tournaments where you need to pay an entrance (buy-in) in order to participate in the tournament. Regular tournaments start at a certain time, and not as Sit and Go tournaments that start when a number of people is assembled. Buy-in is divided into two parts, one part goes into the prize fund and is shared between the parties, and the other is being used to pay poker room for the tournament.

Satellites are tournaments that may be free but may require some buy-in. For satellites is specific that their winners or winners of a certain positions earn entry to some big tournaments (usually Satellites are tournaments with small buy-in leading to the tournament with a very high buy-in).

Sit and Go tournaments start when the certain number of people has been assembled. In most cases, Sit and Go tournaments are held at one table, but can been held for more tables as well. Buy-in needs to be paid as well as in all other tournaments. A larger part goes into the prize fund, which is being shared between the parties, and the other a smaller part to the poker room as a compensation for participating in the tournament. The rules of Sit and Go tournaments previse that people share awards in the tournament. Normally are awarded the first two or three places.

All tournaments are divided into tournaments for which it is possible to perform a rebuy and when things get out of date, you can re-join the tournament for a certain amount of money and those where rebuy can not been made. In Sit and Go tournaments rebuy is not possible .
All of these types of tournaments and poker structures can played through a variety of poker games, about which you can read here.
Ring games are those games which are being played on one table for real money. There are Limit, No limit i Pot limit ring games.
Limit– stakes raising is being limited by certain rules;
Pot limit- stakes raising is being limited by the pot size;
No limit– there is no stakes raising limits.

Casino Games

Online Bookmakers

There is a great number of online bookmakers, thanks to which you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to bet on your favorite team. The advantage of online betting is not just betting on chairs as they say, but because you can bet in the middle of the game, from a variety of variants and combinations of the number of goals over the number of corners to a player who will give you a goal, etc..

Many of these bookmakers pay bonuses to register with them and on your first deposit and later some of them give daily, weekly or monthly reload bonuses. In the most common situations bonus must be used so by the value of the bonus turns 3 or 5 or any other number of times to be able to raise the money. In order to score betting with the bonus granted is necessary to bet on a certain min quotas, usually 1.8 or 2. This is much better than what is offered by online casinos where the bonus you need to wager usually at least 30 or 50 times and goes up to 99.

Betting at the local bookies has its advantages and disadvantages in this article we focus on one and the other. Firstly, many people do not like to reveal their identities, and wish to remain anonymous wagering. They do not want to give their credit card number, name, address, and betting locally provides them to bet anonymously. Secondly, because of having company and the atmosphere people are coming into betting shops, not only to try to make profit but to spend quality time with their friends. In the last few years many bookmakers approached their offers to players and provided live betting on almost every game that is being emitted to the local TV and satellite. Also, now the offer is almost identical to that on the Internet, which means that almost all the games can played, so as specials. The advantage of the local betting is that it offers a bonus to 4.5 or more matches played which may increase the overall coefficient pretty much, and it’s significant to a lot of people, but this kind of betting is being reduced to a minimum and focused on a smaller number of pairs per ticket.

Also, in contrast to the very beginning when betting on the Internet was not so popular as it’s now, and then were high limits for payment, as well as allowing play in singles quite normal. If none of these things is not a good enough reason to continue playing in a bar , one of the most important things why local bookies still can not be ignored and certainly changing the quota, and quite often that is where serious punters know to get the maximum benefit. For example, if there is a big drop odds in some game on the Internet (online) gambling, or high bets of a certain group of people because of some information related to a particular team or player, right and timely information can mean that the concerned ” controversial ” game can be played by a couple of much better odds than offered prior knowledge ” locals ” that something is going on at all.

It is generally known that the profit margins in most sports betting much more higher locally than on the Internet, and therefore at the local bookies should bet on very carefully and selectively, and always before taking certain bet the whole offer has to be compared with that of the world-famous Internet betting. Sometimes the odds for some match are more than 10 % better on the internet than in bookie shops, and to people who are serious about investing their money in the betting certainly means a lot. It is also the way the locals earn large amounts of money. In some countries, there is taxation on every ticket from 5-10 % depending on the amount of payment or local laws that are deducted, so there at the start bookies take the money even before the match starts and it’s advised that in such cases players choose betting shops with the best odds.

Casino Games

Casino Games

Casino Games – Introduction and Basic Strategies

People always strive to entertain themselves and to find the best ways to have fun. Throughout hundreds of years a lot of different casino games had been evolved and brought to perfection. Depending on personal preferences, players can choose between table games – poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, bingo etc., slots and video games.

All these casino games provide adrenalin boosts while players are waiting to see how strong is their hand or where the ball is going to land. Whether they had chosen to go out and visit some of the most popular land casinos or they decided to stay at home and play at online casinos, they will have a good time guaranteed and, if they’re lucky enough, they can earn a fortune in a few hours! However, these cases are not so common and majority are struggling to last long enough while luck do not decide to defer them and to make them the happiest persons on the planet. For some casino games certain skills are required and players must be familiar with the game rules. Although luck is one of the most important factors, casino games like poker and blackjack have certain rules which can not be ignored. Just the opposite, players who do not know all laws of the exact casino game, can not participate in them. There are always different categories of players which can be sorted into appropriate table sections, like as high rollers.

Beginners can start sharping their gaming skills by playing casino games online. There are a lot of websites offering playing casino games in free mode, even the biggest online casinos. Players can choose whether they will play for fun of for real money. It’s always good to try games in free mode before playing for real money, to introduce yourself with the layout, rules and all details needed to create a whole picture of playing at that online casino. This is one of the advantages of online casinos, at land based casinos it’s not allowed to play for fun. That’s why it is better to practice at home before entering at some land based casino. Of course, it easier to play from the cozy of your armchair where you do not need to prove yourself to anyone but to yourself. Before choosing the best place for you to play, it’s highly recommended to browse online a little and to read other player’s experiences. There are hundreds of online casinos available today, but not all of them are reliable and do not provide trustworthy service to their players. In order to avoid bad experiences, a lot of casino portals strive to check as much online casinos as possible and to refer their players which are the safest places for them.

It’s always good to read articles written up by professional players, they can reveal some pretty useful tips and tricks and to help rookies to find their own playing system or how to use the most popular systems today. Not all systems can be applied to all types of games so it’s very important to discover them all and to check which one can be used for your type of casino games.

If players choose playing at online casinos, then they can look for welcome bonuses available for new players. That way all casino games can be played for real money and not to cost you a cent! Of course, all online casinos have protected them and to be allowed to withdraw funds from your account you have to turn that deposit for 30 to 50 times. These wagering requirements vary from casino to casino and all information about them can be found in terms&conditions. Should players want to feel the real thrill then it’s the best to find some land casino nearby and to go there and to try out their luck. Real croupiers, other players to whom you can speak to, beautiful ladies, charming gentlemen… there’s a piece of heaven packed into one casino hall! Instead of dragging the cursor over the screen you can move cards or roll the dice with your own hands on the real table! And for slot lovers, the best time is guaranteed on many slot machines where they will insert real coins and to pull the real handle!So, whether you like the real stuff or virtual casino games there’s a place for everyone. And it’s up to you to decide! Enjoy!

Casino Games

Poker Games

As the most popular card game in the word, poker has a lot of different variations. We will list some of them below just for information to help players become more familiar with each of them and to choose the right one for their selves.

Texas Holdem is the most popular version of poker in the world. The simplest description would be: Texas Hold’em Poker is a game in which a player with his two private (hole cards) and five together cards (community cards) is trying to accomplish through the strongest combination of a table with four rounds of betting. One buy is a dealer and the first player should put a little “blind”-wager before seeing the cards, so as the second player. Then the dealing begins and two cards are being dealt to each player. Depending on the cards in their hands, players have to decide will they continue and, in that case,to place big blind. When the flop is turned, a new round starting with placing big blinds from the player who is first to the button in a clockwise direction. A player can increase the bet (bet), missed wager and continue with the game (check) or give up the game (fold).
Then dealer turns new card, the fourth community card on the board. This card is called the turn. Then a new round of wagers is starting. Betting process is the same as after the flop.
Then dealer turns the last card. This card is called the river. The betting process after the last card is no different from the ones after the flop or the turn.
After River follows showdown, the player of their two cards and the five community combines the strongest hand. Pot gets a player who has the best combination of (hand). In case that two or more players have the same hand, the pot is divided into parts.

7 Card Stud Poker is open with five rounds of betting and there are no community cards. With a standard 7 Card Stud Poker there is a variant of 7 Card Stud High-Low. For the table can sit up to 8 players. There’s No Limit, Pot Limit, Limit 7 Card Stud, but in most poker houses only Limit 7 Card Stud poker is available.
In Limit 7 Card Stud poker bet and raise are determined in the first two rounds of betting by the lower limit and for the third, fourth and fifth round by betting an upper limit.
If the limit is $ 10 – $ 20 then for 1 and 2 Circle bet and raise are 10 $ a 3-4-5 betting round for $ 20. The exception is in case that in the second round a pair is opened, then can immediately play the upper limit or in our case, $ 20.
In 7 Card Stud there is no small and big blind. Small and Big Blind are replaced with Ante which each player must pay before the game. Ante is determined by the limit of that 7 Card Stud game and can be from 10% to 25% of the limit.
If the limit is $ 1 – $ 2 Ante is $ 0.25 or $ 0.10.
Dealing as well as in other poker games, goes in a clockwise direction from the button that is in most poker applications marked with the letter D. When the game is over before it the new one starts a new button is moved one position in a clockwise direction . Before dealing each player pays Ante.
When each player gets 3 cards of which two are closed and one open (door) starts the first betting round. The player who owns the lowest face card on the table must make the bring- in bet (first bet). In case that two or more players have the same hand, the lower card is determined by the color in the following order : Pick is the strongest , then follows hearts, diamonds and clubs are the weakest .
Bring -in is usually twice or more lower than the low limit of the game.
example :
If the limit is $ 1 / $ 2 bring- in bet is $ 0.5 or less .
When the weakest player bets the bring- in bet other players can play call, raise or fold.
Then follows the fourth card which is open – Fourth Street .
First in line at Fourth Street is not the player who has the lowest cards but a player who has the strongest. In all round betting After Fourth Street strongest player (strongest card , or a combination) on the table always opens bets.
Then the fifth card – Fifth Street .
It follows a new round of betting.
Then sixth card – Sixth Street .
It follows a new round of betting.
Then the seventh card face – River .
It follows a new round of betting.
A person who has obtained through the strongest combination of pot.

Omaha poker is a variation of Texas Hold’em poker game where are 4 cards that belong to only one player (hole cards) and the five community cards. The player tries to get the strongest hand from their two cards and three community for Omaha Poker.
It is important to note that the player in Omaha must combine with their two hole cards three community cards, instead like at at Texas Holdem to be combined with one hole and with four community cards.
The system of the game is the same as at Texas Holdem with the difference that in Omaha player gets four of their first card (hole card) instead of two as at Texas Holdem poker.

Casino Games


Black Jack is certainly one of the simplest, yet most exciting Casino games. Black Jack is also known as “17 and 4” and together with poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. The aim of this game is that the total value of cards is 21 or as close to 21 without having to go through the border.
“Black Jack” is an unbeatable hand, which consists of picture cards (King, Queen, Jack) and Ace, or Ace and dozens (tenner).

Black Jack rules – the value of the cards:

• 2-10: The value of the card is equal to the label, then 2-10;
• Picture cards (King, Queen, Jack): 10 ;
• Ace: dependent, or 1 or 11, as player prefers.

Black Jack rules – Playing the game:

The dealer, who is replaced with the virtual dealer at online casinos, share two face cards to player, and one open and one covered card to itself. Now player needs to sum his two cards and to decide whether it’s better to take one (hit) or keep the current hand (stand). When deciding player also must take into consideration the Croupier’s card which can be seen. Player has the ability to make a “hit” as many times as he likes, but to keep in mind not to exceed the sum of 21, otherwise it is a “bust” and he’s lost. Once he has decided to stay at the current hand, it’s the croupiers turn and he will also try to get to 21, but he also does not want to go over that sum. If the croupier’s hand is lower than players, or he made a “bust” the player has won.>

Black Jack rules – the role of Black Jack game:

Bet : At the beginning of Black Jack game player chooses his bet. At online casino that is done by clicking on the chip specific values on the screen.

Hit : Player takes an additional card as many times as he wants, but he always has to think that the total sum does not exceed more than 21!

Stand : Once the player has decided that his hand is good or that the risk of taking another card is too high he decides to stay (stand ).

Double down : Once player gets his first two cards, he can choose to double his bet. If he decides to double down, only one card can be assigned to him and then it’s croupier’s turn.

Split : If player gets two cards of the same value at the beginning of Black Jack game, he can choose to let them share and play with each of them separately .

Insurance : If the first, uncovered, croupier’s card is Ace, player can choose to contact the “insurance”. If he does so, he will make another bet whether the croupier will get Black Jack or not ( player can bet he will ).

At first glance, Black Jack seems like a very simple card game, but if someone tries his luck at online casinos he will realize that it is difficult to make money playing Black Jack! We have gathered the best tips for Black Jack, they would have to help players to more easily get a profit playing Black Jack! To reduce the chances of online casinos, player has to pay attention to croupier’s open card and to use this knowledge in his strategy! Now player has to decide whether the risk to exceed the limit of 21 is too large or is it better pull another card to try and get closer to the border. If the total value of his hand is less than 8, he should take another card, no matter what the croupier had.

If the value of his Black Jack hands is 17 or more , the best strategy is to stay (stand ), except in case that one of his cards is Ace. In this case, Ace can be counted as one and then maybe player can benefit if he draws another card . If players first two cards have a value of 9 , 10 or 11 in this case double role, as a good chance to get the card value 10! If he gets a card with a picture or a ten value of his hand is 19 or over and hold a good hand . If you have 13 or more and dealer exposed card is 2-6 he can stay as there is a good chance to make the croupier bust ( exceeds the sum of 21) ! Players should not take Black Jack insurance (insurance)! The ability to profit from the insurance is low and insufficient, and by doing that players will only increase online casinos wins in the long term! By following these tips players will become more successful at online casinos. Each Black Jack player which follows this strategy can achieve great profit over a longer period.