Darren Woods guilty of fraud

Indicted for fraud in online poker, including fraud and playing in collusion with other players, WSOP bracelet winner from 2011, Darren Woods said he was guilty of nine counts.

In the charge Woods had 13 points at which he was considered guilty, but he admitted only 9. He admitted as he did not want the jury to decide his future. For the other four points he was declared not guilty, and the court proceeded with the trial and reviewing the remaining nine counts.

The case revolves around the fact that Woods had several online accounts on betting and poker sites, starting in 2007. He bought identities, their computers and IP addresses and created accounts via the affiliate program he had on 888Poker room, which meant that he was earning money twice.


Once he did that, he sat on the high stakes tables and using multiple accounts had a huge advantage over his opponents. During his game he earned several hundred thousand dollars.

Woods has played at some of the biggest poker sites in the world and used Skrill, 888Poker the iPoker network. His whole action lasted 4 years. Only from 2011 people began to monitor the activities on the table and then he became suspicious.

2 + 2 forum was the first where appeared a suspicion that Woods has multiple accounts, primarily because it has managed to have over $ 300,000 profit in just a few days.

Perhaps the best evidence is a table that was very similar to the scandal Absolute Poker had. Table was showing the play frequency between accounts, and Woods had a superb ‘win rate’.

The question that pulls is why he started with the frauds? Maybe because he could, otherwise there’s no other reason. Woods is a great player. In 2011 he won WSOP bracelet, won the money in the Main Event and has a total of nine entering the money at the WSOP series. Total grossed half a million dollars from live tournaments. It is interesting that this success came after he filed for bankruptcy.

Woods expects up to 10 years in prison, but will have to wait a little longer for the verdict.

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