“Eights” and “iPoker” in a tie for the second place in the visits

It is widely known that PokerStars masters of on-line scene for years. With a weekly average of 20,000 cash game players have eight and a half times more than a visit to the nearest attendant, and this is not counting tournaments, where PokerStars is also more than dominant.

The real question is who is the closest companion. The fight for second position reaches its climax, as the “888Poker ‘and’ iPoker Network ‘in dead heat in which” eights ” are for only 4.5 per cent ahead, with 2,300 visitors compared to 2,200 as recorded Ipoker. “iPoker” have various promotions related primarily to rakeback in the past months , which obviously had no results.

Two years ago, “iPoker” was very to comfort from the “eights”, with nearly 1,000 players more on average. However, “eights” in early 2013, moving into a strong campaign and to this day make a tremendous breakthrough. Now the two companies are practically equal, and it will be very interesting to see what kind of strategy will continue to take in the great battle for the number two position.

If you are wondering where in the story Full Tilt is, the answer is simple – very far. Once a very popular website, today with an average seven-day visit to the 1,400 players shared sixth place with Italian platform of PokerStars. The fourth is “PartyPoker” (1500), and the fifth “Bodog” (1450).

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