Ivey and Robl offer 2.5 million bail, Phua still in jail

As reported by “Las Vegas Review-Journal,” Phil Ivey has prepared a payment of one million dollars in bail to take Paul Phua and his son Darren Phua out of prison. The two men are accused of organizing illegal betting in the territory of Las Vegas.

Older Phua, a regular participant in a high-stakes poker games in Las Vegas and Macau, was arrested with a group of suspects ( eight in total), who, by charges , offered illegally betting on matches of the World Cup in Brazil. Paul Phua plays on the internet under Nick the “MalACEsia”.

Authorities who arrested the group, claimed that during their arrest was seized a large amount of electronic equipment that was used in illegal betting.

Besides Ivey, another well-known poker player Andrew Robl has prepared a payment of up to a million and a half dollars, however, to transfer resources from Vegas, it is still not enough to Phua and his son found the loose. They are still behind bars, but it is expected that the authorities will release them very soon.

It is interesting that during the arrest, in Phua’s companion was Tom “durrrr” Dwan, a long time regular at the high-stakes games in Macau, and also very good friends with Phua. Dwan has arrived in Las Vegas to provide support for those arrested, but no information on whether he offered money for bail.

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