Plundered Casino Caesars in Atlantic City

Not many robberies an boast that was carried out as in the movie, clever and accurately calculated. By early Monday, two robbers entered the Caesars Casino and took off guns and stole two boxes in which a total of $ 181 000.

We must admit that the robbery performed in Ocean’s 11 is still better, but this can get a better epithet than that brought Anthony Carlee 2010.

Carlee is known as the robber on the engine. He entered the Bellagio in Las Vegas with a helmet on his head and a gun came up to the first table of the ‘craps’ game. He took nearly $ 1.5 million worth of chips, but was caught when he tried to sell.

These $ 180,000 stolen from Casino represents 0.006% of earnings that the casino has over the month.

Suspects fled in a car, and police are investigating the robbery.

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