Victoria Coren leaves PokerStars because of Casino Games

       Winner of two EPT Main Event tournament PokerStars has decided to leave after being introduced Casino games and announced a plan of implementation of sports betting.

Surprisingly and unexpectedly, PokerStars Pro Victoria Coren interrupted a cooperation with the biggest and best poker room in the world because the current policy of the company does not agree with her opinion and beliefs.

Here is what he said on her blog:

“On Friday night, PokerStars has announced that it will soon set Casino games on the poker client. As a result, on Saturday morning, I stopped cooperation with PokerStars. I can not think of Casino Games. “

Although there is nothing against the new policy of the company, it can not be equated with the same. ‘This is not a criticism of PokerStars because business is business. They provide a new service that players want. ‘

‘Although I love to go to the Casino, I can not publicly support this decision, but neither do I want my name to appear on the casino client. Poker is a game that I love and that’s what I want to promote. In poker skills play a role, while the Casino requires none. I will always strive for skill and poker. Although they assured me out of PokerStars to not promote Casino games, I know that my heart would not be in place if I’d stay in this company. I do not want to make money on the toil of others. ‘

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