Why will Daniel Negreanu enter into Poker Hall of Fame !?

Earlier this week were announced candidates for entry into the Poker Hall of Fame, and listed on the ball is Daniel Negreanu who had the possibility for the first time this year (condition were years of age). It is hard to believe that anyone else could and win entry into the Hall of Fame.

Lots of members of the poker industry talk about how Daniel should not appear on this list, but that the other candidates should be in his place, primarily because this is his first year when he had the option to be registered in the Hall of Fame.

Daniel is a true and worthy member of the list. He deserved it.

The criteria to get at a list of candidates

1. The player must play at a top level against the best players
– Unquestionably, Daniel made it

2. Must have at least 40 years during the nomination
– He looks young, but has 40 years.

3. Must play for high roles
– Second place in the $ 1 million tournament is certainly proof of that game for most roles. Negreanu has literally played at the highest level of the poker boom.

4. Play consistently well and has the respect of players and community
– Daniel is definitely a talent, and he plays pretty well the last couple of years, and live tournament earnings reach nearly $ 30 million.

5. Being on top for a long time
– He is always among the three all time money list, is always among the top 10 on the GPI list and has twice been the WSOP Player of the Year.

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