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Poker is a table game where players place their wagers in the middle pot while having closed or partially opened cards. The pot is being won by the player with the highest ranking combination or the players who makes a wager which other opponents are not willing to match. Player is certainly the most popular card game in the world and can be played on tournaments or like ring games.

Tournaments are being organized by the biggest poker rooms and always have several tables. All players get certain number of chips and when
they lose them they’re out of the game. When several players from one table lose, then they are reassembled to the other table to continue
playing. The winner is the player who is remained the last and there’s a ranking list where the prizes are given to the high ranking players.

All poker tournaments can be sorted into following categories:

1. Freeroll tournaments;
2. Regular tournaments;
3. Satelite tournaments;
4. Sit and Go tournaments.

Freroll tournaments are free tournaments and it’s not required to pay any entrance. To participate. Fund awards pay organizer of the freerolls.

Regular tournaments are tournaments where you need to pay an entrance (buy-in) in order to participate in the tournament. Regular tournaments start at a certain time, and not as Sit and Go tournaments that start when a number of people is assembled. Buy-in is divided into two parts, one part goes into the prize fund and is shared between the parties, and the other is being used to pay poker room for the tournament.

Satellites are tournaments that may be free but may require some buy-in. For satellites is specific that their winners or winners of a certain positions earn entry to some big tournaments (usually Satellites are tournaments with small buy-in leading to the tournament with a very high buy-in).

Sit and Go tournaments start when the certain number of people has been assembled. In most cases, Sit and Go tournaments are held at one table, but can been held for more tables as well. Buy-in needs to be paid as well as in all other tournaments. A larger part goes into the prize fund, which is being shared between the parties, and the other a smaller part to the poker room as a compensation for participating in the tournament. The rules of Sit and Go tournaments previse that people share awards in the tournament. Normally are awarded the first two or three places.

All tournaments are divided into tournaments for which it is possible to perform a rebuy and when things get out of date, you can re-join the tournament for a certain amount of money and those where rebuy can not been made. In Sit and Go tournaments rebuy is not possible .
All of these types of tournaments and poker structures can played through a variety of poker games, about which you can read here.
Ring games are those games which are being played on one table for real money. There are Limit, No limit i Pot limit ring games.
Limit– stakes raising is being limited by certain rules;
Pot limit- stakes raising is being limited by the pot size;
No limit– there is no stakes raising limits.

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