Black Jack is certainly one of the simplest, yet most exciting Casino games. Black Jack is also known as “17 and 4” and together with poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. The aim of this game is that the total value of cards is 21 or as close to 21 without having to go through the border.
“Black Jack” is an unbeatable hand, which consists of picture cards (King, Queen, Jack) and Ace, or Ace and dozens (tenner).

Black Jack rules – the value of the cards:

• 2-10: The value of the card is equal to the label, then 2-10;
• Picture cards (King, Queen, Jack): 10 ;
• Ace: dependent, or 1 or 11, as player prefers.

Black Jack rules – Playing the game:

The dealer, who is replaced with the virtual dealer at online casinos, share two face cards to player, and one open and one covered card to itself. Now player needs to sum his two cards and to decide whether it’s better to take one (hit) or keep the current hand (stand). When deciding player also must take into consideration the Croupier’s card which can be seen. Player has the ability to make a “hit” as many times as he likes, but to keep in mind not to exceed the sum of 21, otherwise it is a “bust” and he’s lost. Once he has decided to stay at the current hand, it’s the croupiers turn and he will also try to get to 21, but he also does not want to go over that sum. If the croupier’s hand is lower than players, or he made a “bust” the player has won.>

Black Jack rules – the role of Black Jack game:

Bet : At the beginning of Black Jack game player chooses his bet. At online casino that is done by clicking on the chip specific values on the screen.

Hit : Player takes an additional card as many times as he wants, but he always has to think that the total sum does not exceed more than 21!

Stand : Once the player has decided that his hand is good or that the risk of taking another card is too high he decides to stay (stand ).

Double down : Once player gets his first two cards, he can choose to double his bet. If he decides to double down, only one card can be assigned to him and then it’s croupier’s turn.

Split : If player gets two cards of the same value at the beginning of Black Jack game, he can choose to let them share and play with each of them separately .

Insurance : If the first, uncovered, croupier’s card is Ace, player can choose to contact the “insurance”. If he does so, he will make another bet whether the croupier will get Black Jack or not ( player can bet he will ).

At first glance, Black Jack seems like a very simple card game, but if someone tries his luck at online casinos he will realize that it is difficult to make money playing Black Jack! We have gathered the best tips for Black Jack, they would have to help players to more easily get a profit playing Black Jack! To reduce the chances of online casinos, player has to pay attention to croupier’s open card and to use this knowledge in his strategy! Now player has to decide whether the risk to exceed the limit of 21 is too large or is it better pull another card to try and get closer to the border. If the total value of his hand is less than 8, he should take another card, no matter what the croupier had.

If the value of his Black Jack hands is 17 or more , the best strategy is to stay (stand ), except in case that one of his cards is Ace. In this case, Ace can be counted as one and then maybe player can benefit if he draws another card . If players first two cards have a value of 9 , 10 or 11 in this case double role, as a good chance to get the card value 10! If he gets a card with a picture or a ten value of his hand is 19 or over and hold a good hand . If you have 13 or more and dealer exposed card is 2-6 he can stay as there is a good chance to make the croupier bust ( exceeds the sum of 21) ! Players should not take Black Jack insurance (insurance)! The ability to profit from the insurance is low and insufficient, and by doing that players will only increase online casinos wins in the long term! By following these tips players will become more successful at online casinos. Each Black Jack player which follows this strategy can achieve great profit over a longer period.

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